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How Can a Business Lawyer Help Me?

How Can a Business Lawyer Help Me?

Business law is no walk in the park. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Choosing the right lawyer is crucial to running a successful business. A good business lawyer will help you navigate the legal twists and turns of your face, so you can focus on the more critical tasks of running your business. Here are five ways a business lawyer will be indispensable in helping you not only survive but thrive: Here are three ways a business lawyer will be essential to helping you to not only survive but thrive:

  1. Protection Against Product Litigation:  It’s inevitable. No matter how much care goes into each, a product or service can still go wrong. A good business owner would never want to be without a business lawyer when presented with a summons. Dealing with such complaints is well within their area of expertise. They can refer to both parties’ contracts and applicable laws for a quick and fair settlement. It also applies to disputes between businesses and employees or other businesses. 
  2. Drafting and Understanding Contracts:  Once upon a time—decades ago at this point—there weren’t many written business contracts. A lot of contracts were verbal. Deals were cut between people and often sealed with a handshake. While oral agreements are still legal in most situations, most are written now. While most contracts will never be brought up inside a courtroom, and a verbal one would serve OK, it pays to have the agreement in writing if there’s an issue.  Business lawyers have helped create and review business-to-customer or business-to-business contracts for decades. By including more explicit clauses, both parties can avoid costly and lengthy litigation in an already overburdened justice system. For instance, a pre-suit mediation clause in a contract enables disputes to be settled through an informal third party instead of a judge immediately. 
  3. Creating Corporate Structure:  Corporations are a great way to incorporate your business. They provide solid protection for owners and shareholders. Still, They do not have to be as complex as other forms of incorporation. However, you should still consult a lawyer before changing from a sole proprietorship or partnership.  No matter what business you run, lawyers can help ensure that its structure is legally sound and the right one for your company. A business lawyer needs to know what the laws are and whether or not they apply to your business to properly structure your business. 

Working With the Right Lawyer Makes All the Difference

Stating a business or having a great idea is just the beginning. Working with the right business attorney can help create a solid foundation that can be built upon for years. Contact our attorneys today to learn more about our hands-on approach to help you along the way.  

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