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Protecting your business, assets, products, and inventions is more important than ever.

Our lawyers can help you set up your business correctly and handle all necessary paperwork, such as getting the proper licenses, permits, and government approvals. We’ll also act as general counsel, giving unbiased advice to help you succeed. Get started with us today—call for an assessment.

Creating an LLC

What is an LLC? An LLC is a unique type of company that provides the limited liability protections of a corporation and the tax benefits and operational flexibility of a partnership or sole proprietorship (Sole proprietorship and Partnerships) while allowing the maximum possible personal control over business decisions. By forming an LLC, you can limit liability for business debts and lawsuits using this corporate structure.

Purchasing or Selling a Business

At Rowe & Walton, PC, we can help you complete the purchase and sale of your business promptly. We have the resources and experience to handle any asset sale, closing, and transition so that you can focus on running your business, leaving the legal details to us.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell an entire company, division, assets, shares, or membership interests, Rowe & Walton, PC has the expertise to evaluate and structure the deal that meets your requirements. Our experience includes all aspects of leveraged buyouts (LBOs), acquisitions and divestitures, and corporate sales and purchases.

Starting a Non-Profit Organization

Starting a non-profit helps you realize your idea and make a change in the world. You can create a non-profit to accomplish just about anything, whether feeding the hungry or providing new levels of entertainment. However, starting a nonprofit is not cheap and takes time. Proper research and planning will build a solid foundation for your organization’s success.

The first step to forming a nonprofit is researching the IRS and state guidelines for starting and operating a legal, tax-exempt organization. You’ll also need help from professionals who can advise you on legal filings, accounting issues, and what kind of organization would be best suited to your cause.

Assets Protection and Business Planning

Asset protection and business planning are two of the most important things you can do to grow your company, expand your wealth, and create the most secure future possible for yourself and your loved ones. Every business owner needs a plan, and everyone building a nest egg must find ways to protect their assets. In this book, we will show you how asset protection works, how to plan for it, and how to ensure that your business is protected in any number of scenarios.


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