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Our attorneys are happy to offer legal services designed to help protect your family, loved ones, and assets. At Rowe & Walton PC, you don’t just hire a lawyer, you hire a team. Our work tirelessly and aggressively to win your case. We believe being a lawyer is about more than just law. Our dedicated team of family law attorneys has the expertise, knowledge, and compassion essential to provide trusted advice and legal knowledge in order to protect you, your children and your assets. We want to be your strongest defense.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements address property and financial issues in the event of the couple’s subsequent divorce. If a couple is thinking about getting married, but one partner has pre-marital debt, or if a couple is already married but wants to designate the separate property, these agreements are highly recommended. Prenuptial agreements may also be contemplated when one spouse has considerable pre-marital debt.

Utah Adoption Attorney

The process of adopting a child can be both fulfilling and difficult. Choosing the right adoption attorney will allow you to effectively navigate this empowering yet complex process, giving you the best opportunity to welcome a new member of your family.

If you are considering adopting a child, we can help. Our attorney’s legal expertise and experience help clients to navigate the adoption process. We have experience with private adoptions and can provide legal guidance and counsel for those interested in using a private firm or family. Whatever your adoption process, our family law lawyers will work to ensure you are supported and advocated.

Domestic Partnership Trusts

As it goes in marriage, in domestic partnerships, it is wise to decide upfront who you want your beneficiaries to be upon your death. This will avoid future complications and ensure a smooth transition of assets in the event of your passing. When you are married, you must make decisions regarding your health care proxy and beneficiaries. The same is true with domestic partnership agreements. When you decide who the beneficiaries will be and who will have access to those accounts, it removes a lot of the stress from navigating such difficult decisions in an emotionally charged situation.


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